Newsy Nepalisms

On twitter today, we posted a series of very serious sounding and heavy words frequently used by Nepali politicians and amplified many times by the daily broadsheet papers.

These words are so important in the Nepali public sphere that their use alone (however out-of-context and purposeless they are) guarantees newsworthiness. The interesting part however is that these words mean nothing in real, they are meant to confuse the audience and gain news-space. Many Nepalese might not even know the meaning of these words, and those who do have no clue of what to make out of them. If one is to respect the true intention of whoever speaks and writes them, we should learn to treat these words as jokes and enjoy them as such only.

For me, these colorful words are reasons enough to catch up with missed editorials and op-eds. That is the only reason I am collecting and posting them here- I just laughed for a long time going back in the twitter timeline and reading these words.

They’re here so I or you can come again and have a ball 🙂

[View the story “Newsy Nepalisms” on Storify]

Please see the list of words on Storify by clicking the link above. My personal favorite Nepalisms are: प्याकेजमै सहमती, दुष्मन कुहिरोको काग जस्तो भएको छ, रुपमा फरक भए पनि सारमा एकै हो, संविधान निर्माण ।


2 thoughts on “Newsy Nepalisms

  1. Haha. Had a ball reading these fancy words, which don’t really mean anything. Only sounded to add an air of grandness to otherwise superficial issues. If for nothing else our Netas can be felicitated for their grand rhetoric any day. And here no one beats our dear comrades.

    I propose a rhetorical analysis to find out what is the discourse in Nepali politics/society based on the buzz words of the time. Perhaps there is an underlying pattern to all this chaos, a recurring theme perhaps to explain the Nepali psyche. Or perhaps there isn’t any.

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