Who is Saurav? (and Maila Baje)

I’m intrigued by two interesting and mysterious characters of the Nepali intellectual sphere. Though he still writes informative blog-posts, Maila Baje has chosen to keep himself secret for too long to be interesting anymore. Someday he’ll stop writing and someone will die at around the same time- and maybe we’ll know who he is. There has been some guesswork about his identity on Nepal-related blogs like here and here. Because the former army chief is known to have used a pseudonym (Ajay P Nath) to write in The Rising Nepal and elsewhere before, my wild guess is that Maila Baje is Rookmangud Katawal.

The other character, who is not as mysterious as Maila Baje regarding his identity is a columnist called Saurav. He writes with just this name (no last name) in the Kantipur daily. I noticed him first sometime in 2009 or 2010. Though I was bored by the first piece I read, I wondered who this well-learned person was. Since then I’ve read only a few pieces written by him, highly impressed by some, uninterested by others. Someone I knew happened to know his identity and, and I was impressed of what I heard from him. Today I read something interesting by him after long, a piece debating the origins of Nepal’s so-called indigenous races and the Khas people.

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