Guest Blog: The purity of CK Lal

Note: I received this article by email. Here’s the note that was included in the email:

“I posted this as a comment on republica website. But like many times before I think they will not publish it this time too. It would be nice if you could publish it in your blog. Many people should read this.”

by Gopinath Chaudhary

This is concerning CK Lal‘s op-ed in Republica “The Restoration of Plutarchy” (

Supposedly, this is one of Nepal’s finest writers. Look at the language, the tone and the level of arguments. His racist slurs against Nepal’s hill communities seem to have subdued in this article, but in his Nepali articles, he continues to abuse the hill communities with racist slurs like “chari-chuchhe” (meaning sharp nosed cunning Bahun), “thug pandit”, “clever puret” and so on. Apparently, words like “thyapche” (flat-nosed) are racist, but not if Lal uses similar words against others. Only that in the English pundit and Nepali “pandit” don’t exactly sound the same. CK Lal is a racist.

The level of argument is even more shameful. Where is the pulse of the society or the greater sense of direction of our polity and so on? Only personal grudges against a few politicians, parties and ethnic communities. For example, why have none of the previous governments (even those headed by Lal’s “pure” and “truthful” parties and ethnic communities, like Maoist and Madheshi parties) not been more inclusive?

And what is with someone asking for restroom in the morning? Is that political analysis? Give me a break now.

Finally, the most important issue. Lal, like always, is trying to fabricate truth. Yes, auspicious hours are consulted, prayers are offered. Read NASA rocket launch records or Indian space missions for that purpose. They’re seen calling the names of their respective deities. Nepal, a society where people still have no surety of life (thanks to Lal’s “pure” people), such superstitions are bound to be even more common, because there’s no law or predictability to depend on, but only impunity and chaos.

Furthermore, Sushil Koirala ignored the auspicious hours and took oath in a supposedly unauspicious hour. For those who can read Nepali, here is the news that mentions that Wednesday, 29th of Magh was determined as the auspicious day for the oath-taking ceremony ( In reality, Koirala took oath one day ahead of that day, on the 28th (

More to this: In 2009, a member of Lal’s “pure race,” a minister from the supposedly revolutionary and progressive Madheshi party had postponed his oath-taking ceremony because the day was not auspicious according to the priests: (

So much for your progressiveness Lal.


One thought on “Guest Blog: The purity of CK Lal

  1. Thank you very much for this comment. Republica has not published it yet. Shows how they restrict opinions. I have felt similar way about CK Lal. Here is my comment on a previous article “Illusion of stability“:

    Always trust CK Lal to rely on divisive thoughts and polemics to prove his incomprehensible points. And he has the uncanny gift of invoking eminent writers, philosophers, and in this case, Amiri Baraka, to prove his erudition–as if to suggest that even this “Madhesi” has the knowledge and “swagger” to hold his own against the privileged, elitist, educated “Pahadis”! The article starts with Biratnagar and invariably meanders into Pahadi conspiracy against and supremacy over the Madhesis—a hallmark of Lal´s thinking amply found in a lot of his recent articles! How pathetic! Formerly believed to be a staunch supporter (Hanuman-like) of GP Koirala, the Bahun with Pahadi proclivities from Biratnagar, this so-called Madhes-sympathizer is promoting federalism—perhaps along the ethnic lines—hence stoking the danger of further balkanization of Nepal, when what the country really needs is effective decentralization of governance which ensures essential services and rule of law reach the grassroots and that all people’s aspirations and rights are represented (read local elections!!). By playing the Madhesi vs. Pahadi card, CK Lal and other pseudo-intellectuals like him are trying to drive a wedge into the harmony (however tenuous it may seem at times) with which Nepalis have lived, despite the decades of adversity. We do not need commentators like Lal telling us whether capital of Mithila or Biratnagar is a better place to discuss and find solutions to our problems. What we need are solutions that are inclusive, irrespective of where they are found and by whom (Madhesis, Pahadis, non-Madhesis, non-Pahadis), so long as they are by the Nepalis and for the Nepalis!!

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